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Nick Zegel is a designer currently living in Long Beach, CA via Philadelphia, PA. This blog serves as a playground for original work, photographs, ideas, doodling and inspiration.

A Tripp to Denver

The extended crew hopped on planes and landed in Denver for a couple days of ripping around Colorado to celebrate our friend Tripp’s upcoming wedding. I’m not sure if it’s the age, the altitude, or taking a heavy hill-bomb slam the first morning of the trip, but I did a bit more hanging around then rip-riding than planned. Good thing for the beautiful mountains, hot springs, and surprise summer storms! That’s Camping!

The Art of Table Tennis

I’m very excited to be a part of a project sparked by my very good friend Dan Shetron of Shetron Wood, The Art of Table Tennis. Dan and I have shared many heated ping-pong battles in the garage so it only made sense that he mix his passion for wood working and ping-pong.

A collaboration between Port / Quiet Life and Shetron Wood featuring over 30 artists in the unique medium. Each Shetron paddle is hand crafted from salvage wood using both traditional and modern methods, then handed off to the individual artists to apply their own artistic finishing method. The finished works of art paddles will be available at auction to benefit the Long Beach Rescue Mission. The gallery exhibition runs from Thursday July 13th through the first week of August.

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia Holiday Special

Living out west it’s always a bit of a blur when visiting home, especially around the holidays. Running from one event to the next I often don’t stop to smell the roses, or poinsettias! I did however find a few hours to sneak into the city for a rip ride with some old and new friends. Couldn’t help but parody this clip after capturing some Philadelphia vibes on the drive-by.

Hawaii Dreams Come True

As a kid I spent endless hours poring over surf magazines filled with images of Hawaii’s North Shore. Photographs of the world’s best surfers riding the world’s best waves were burned into my mind. I had the chance to visit nearly a decade ago after finishing college but it was the Summer and the waves were nowhere to be found. My recent trip in December was different. While most everyone with North Shore experience was lamenting over the small swell I found myself in the line-up, adrenaline rushing, catching some of the best waves of my life. While there is no photographic evidence of said waves here is a clip from post-surf skate sessions at the North Shore park and some moments captured on film while safely on land…including my college roommate’s amazing wedding ceremony in Kailua. Aloha Alex & Gena!