SXSW 2014 Snapshots

Brian Butler Show Drawn
My man Brian Butler warming up the sketch book for a long week of drawing…

Loroto Hang
Loroto Sucks is Awesome. Winston & Nick chillin’ in the boss yard.

Spiderhouse Lineup
Lots of Lineups

Middle Finger
FUCK YOU Fountain!

Dylan at Spider House
Dylan Ramsey Ladies!

Spider House Nintendo
This food truck was prepared for the long lines…

Taxi Drama! These Austin cabbies don’t seem to like to work…

Ruby the Hatchet
I caught Ruby the Hatchet. My an old skateboard buddy John is in the band…I sneak surprised him and then snapped a typical band photo.

Ruby the Hatchet

Lightning Bolt Gang
Kids and their tattoos

Brian Butler
Brian doodling in a chaotic crowd…

Christian Mistress at Mohawk SXSW 2014
Christian Mistress was pretty bad ass

Dylan with CONS
Out with the old…In with the new!

BOYTOY at Burgerrama

Jordan & Lonestar Ass
Jordan loves the Lonestar

Metal Fan
Metal Fan #1

Ruby the Hatchet Fan
Metal Fan #2

Cigarette Challenge
This girl was going for it… #cigchallenge

Saara Untracht-Oakner BOYTOY

SXSW Crowd Surf
No barrels on this wave…Surf it!

Natural Child
Naturally Natural Child

Natural Child crowd at Hotel Vegas

Together Pangea
Together Pangea


Ttogether Pangea Burger Records
Together Pangea

Sophie Roach at Converse Rubber Tracks
Illustrator Sophie Roach painted up the Converse Rubber Tracks studio this year…

Popular Culture

SXSW Dirty Fences
Dirty Fences are the best!

Lil B crowd at Scoot Inn SXSW
These kids had to watch Lil B perform from behind the fence…They still had a good time. ELLEN DEGENERES!

The Districts at Spotify House SXSW 2014
Philadelphia’s The Districts. These kids were GOOD!

The Districts at Spotify House SXSW 2014

Vockah Redu at Hotel Vegas
New Orlean’s Vockah Redu

Vockah Redu at Hotel Vegas SXSW 2014

Vockah Redu at Hotel Vegas SXSW 2014

Winston Mia Addison
Winston, Mia & Addison

Mia Worship
Dark Mia Worship. Ender!

The Toothaches

My friends The Toothaches make some really nice music and have just launched a kickstarter to fund an album they have been working on for quite some time! I did some artwork for their digital release Dr. Machine which sounds awesome and is a reward if you choose to support their kickstarter effort! JUMP ON BOARD!


Punchbowl Falls

Some photos from a wet and beautiful hike to Punchbowl Falls just outside of Portland…