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Nick Zegel is a designer currently living in Long Beach, CA via Philadelphia, PA. This blog serves as a playground for original work, photographs, ideas, doodling and inspiration.

BLEITCH’s ‘This is Our Youth’

I’m excited to finally share some images I snapped back in August during the shooting of BLEITCH’s debut music video ‘This is Our Youth’. My good pal and director Per-Hampus, who directed the video, invited me to tag along for the day to document and lend some muscle. You can watch the beautiful end result above and have a look at some photos from the day below; some of which were just featured on some celebrity blog called Just Jared? Cool!

Madelyn Deutch and Piers Baron Madelyn Deutch BLEITCH Music Video Behind the Scenes Director Per-Hampus Stalhandske Arto Saari Maddie Deutch Piers Baron Behind the Scenes of BLEITCH 'This is Our Youth' NickZegel_Bleitch_2014-08-8745 Madelyn Deutch and Piers Baron Behind the Scenes BLEITCH Music Video Madelyn Deutch BLEITCH Band Behind the Scenes Arto Saari photographing BLEITCH Nick Zegel NickZegel_Bleitch_2014-08-9115 Madelyn Deutch Arto Saari NickZegel_Bleitch_2014-08-9334 Behind the Scenes BLEITCH Music Video Madelyn Deutch and Piers Baron Madelyn Deutch and Piers Baron

Welcome to New Jersey

A soggy Wednesday morning mission after waking up in Brooklyn…Running down the steps underground, stepping foot onto the L. A quick transfer and a mad dash through Penn Station with little less than a minute to spare. New Jersey began to reveal itself outside the train’s windows; lush and green forest, mediocre suburbia surrounding the coastal route bound for Long Branch…

NickZegel_LongBranch_2014-08-0340 NickZegel_LongBranch_2014-08-0343 NickZegel_LongBranch_2014-08-0429 NickZegel_LongBranch_BS-Barrel-2014-small NickZegel_LongBranch_2014-08-0449 NickZegel_LongBranch_2014-08-0564 NickZegel_LongBranch_2014-08-0486 NickZegel_LongBranch_2014-08-Smyth-Seq-sm NickZegel_LongBranch_2014-08-0736 NickZegel_LongBranch_2014-08-0753 NickZegel_LongBranch_2014-08-0823 NickZegel_LongBranch_2014-08-0833 NickZegel_LongBranch_2014-08-0834 NickZegel_LongBranch_2014-08-0838