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  • How is everything?

  • Yacht Club by Ty Williams

    My buddy Ty Williams has recently put together a little brand called Yacht Club. His first offering of tees looks pretty spot on for summer time and with a little Urban Outfitters deal it looks like Ty is on his way to selling some cotton! I had the privilege of doing some art direction / […]

  • New York City is Pretty

    A couple jam-packed days in New York kicking with talented friends and good people…check some links…Ty Williams & Rob Kulisek had a show at Atelier on Thursday. It looked great. Then we hit the town with Baron Wells & 2 or 3 Things I Know. Friday stoop lurking and some skating with Gonzo. Indian food […]

  • Mr. Ty Williams

    I’ve recently helped my buddy Ty Williams get his artwork together and present it on the inter-network for the world to see. It’s been great to watch Ty’s work grow into what it is today. I’m looking forward to seeing it blossom further and continue working with Ty. Have a LOOK!