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  • Rip Ride Rally FDR

    Rip Ride Rally FDR

    This is a story about the Rip Ride Rally at FDR in Philadelphia, PA.

  • Down to Mexico

    A few photos and a doodle from a short weekend in Mexico!

  • Upside Down CVS

    I dropped off some photos at CVS the other day for processing and scanning. I usually take my film to the wonderful Philadelphia Photographics but the rolls were shot on a $4 thrift store Minolta and so I figured I’d save some loot and do the CVS thing. The rolls came back and every photo […]

  • New Zine // Photographs & Drawings

    I put together a little 16 page zine last week full of some fun doodles and photographs from the past year plus…I’ve got a couple left…If you’d like one before they are all gone please Paypal me $5 below. Edition of 25. Thanks for the support! *Orders will include a little something extra…

  • The Great American Geese

  • Wisdom by Andrew Zuckerman

    I stumbled upon this book today and am so happy I decided to pick it up…The book is available with a free DVD with fantastic interviews from some truly amazing humans. Andrew Wyeths words are especially inspiring. Please have a look wisdombook.org

  • Virginia

    A polaroid & a snap shot… One morning after spending the night sleeping in a car

  • Hamburger Eyes!

    You’re probably thinking “What the hell is Hamburger Eyes?” I thought the same thing when I first heard the name a couple of years back. In short Hamburger Eyes is a black & white zine out of San Francisco, CA. I’ve only seen a couple of issues in person but between my real life encounters […]