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  • Quarantine Masks

    Quarantine Masks

    Amidst lockdown orders and the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic I found a silent and slow pace of life that was unusual. After a few anxious weeks I began to feel the need to create with this empty time and space and naturally I looked outward for inspiration. Initially it was $5 and $10 bundles […]

  • Deck Heads 3 – The Making Of

    Deck Heads 3 at Exit Philadelphia was a huge success and featured a ton of great work by too many artists to name! The deck I have in the show is still available for the small small price of $200.00…I know its expensive but I gotta pay the bills! Contact Exit for more info! Click […]

  • New Zine // Photographs & Drawings

    I put together a little 16 page zine last week full of some fun doodles and photographs from the past year plus…I’ve got a couple left…If you’d like one before they are all gone please Paypal me $5 below. Edition of 25. Thanks for the support! *Orders will include a little something extra…

  • Good Morning Facebook

    The other morning I rolled out of bed and recorded a goofy video on facebook. I said “Good Morning Facebook!” and a couple silly things, played a song and it was over. My friends responded quite nicely to the video and have encouraged me to continue rolling out of bed and recording a video. I’m […]

  • Jetty Mellocat Now Available @ Urban Outfitters

    A quick note about a shirt I designed / illustrated about a year back…The Mellocat was seeked out by Urban Outfitters and is now available in an exclusive Sunshine Yellow online and at select retail locations. I’d be honored if you hunted down a shirt for yourself before the limited batch is all gone! Thanks […]

  • Annnd I’m Back!

    For a while there I wasn’t sure when I’d get things figured out! Between work and play I couldn’t seem to find the time to tackle my malware infected wordpress installation and square away some server issues…until now! So welcome back…I’m looking forward to continue sharing with everyone! Not only is the blog back working […]