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  • Young Adults

    My good friend Demitri Swan has a new music project called Young Adults…He just sent over their demo which is available for free and it sounds good! Have a listen on their myspace or download the 5 track demo for free! Nice album design too! Get some!

  • Toro & Hysteria

    Whoa! That was my first reaction when playing with Bb 2.0. Described as a a collaborative music and spoken word project allows any viewer to play video/audio samples simultaneously. Amazingly the soundtracks work together and using the youtube volume controls you can actual mix them in real time. I recited a T.S. Eliot piece entitled […]

  • Tony Orlando’s House

    Yo La Tengo Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House Yo La Tengo – Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House & Manipulated Found Image (Google Search ‘Ocean’)

  • Muxtape. Make One.

    A relatively new web service called MuxTape allows you to create a mix tape of your own and share it with friends. The service is very simple, clean, and straight forward. Choose up to 12 of your favorite tracks, upload them, and share your mix (or MUX). No Bells & Whistles…just sharing music with your […]

  • V-V-V-Violator

    Music to my ears…White Williams‘ tracks which I’ve heard are awfully catchy! They make me want to get up and just dance around. Drive with the windows open. Smell fresh air. And read a book upon a puffy cloud! White Williams – ViolatorWhite Williams – Violator