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  • The Taco Bell Drawing Club

    Two weeks ago, after learning that artist Jason Polan had passed away from cancer, I decided to host and attend my first Taco Bell Drawing Club. I had become a fan of Jason’s work after coming across his blog years ago. Jason had formed this club back in 2005 and since then has gathered with […]

  • A weekend en plein air

    A weekend en plein air

    Plein air drawings and snap shots from the road during a weekend quick trip to Big Sur, California.

  • Domicile

    Home is where your stuff is! Pen Doodle and Colored Pencil drawing from the couch during this HOT HOT week in Long Beach, California.

  • Alter Street Arts

    A couple doodles from a freezing cold night of skateboarding our favorite indoor facility in Philadelphia…Smacked my dome and my back so I decided it would be best to sit the rest of the night out…