Late Nights!

Well tonight may be the second all-nighter of the week…Critique is tomorrow but I feel great about everything and I’ll definitely have things done by then…that is if I yank myself off this internet! I tried to print on this chip board that was pretty thick and almost broke my printer – That would have been clutch! Speaking of which…I love my Canon i9900 – So far I highly recommend it – Almost an entire year of great printing!

Messy Room Yikes Printing

College of Fine Arts – Final Show May 11th

BU School of Visual Arts BFA Student Exhibitions

The School of Visual Arts invites you to see the thought provoking and expressive work of some of Boston’s brightest young visual artists. We recommend a gallery tour; all exhibit spaces are within easy walking distance of each other: BFA Painting & Sculpture Exhibition at BU Art Gallery and the Stone Gallery; BFA Graphic Design Exhibition at the Sherman Gallery; BFA Undergraduate Exhibition at the Commonwealth Gallery and Gallery 102. Opening receptions to be held Friday, May 11 from 6:00-8:00pm in all four locations.

The Art Galleries at Boston University

A little cell phone sneak peak from my studio! These aren’t completely done…but they will be! I’ll have work in both the Graphic Design show and the Undergrad Exhibit! Hope to see you there!

Treehouse! Weekend Space Party in the Five Boroughs 50 Years Plus!


I love sketchbooks – I use them for everything – Toilet paper, To-Do Lists, Sketching, Storing Important Papers, among other things…I wish I did more drawing in them and less to-do lists, but thats just how things are. I’m going to share a sketch every week with everyone on here…it’ll be fun! With this web 2.0 technology you can even comment and let me know if you like them or not – I promise, I won’t be offended if you love/hate them all.

I just bought some super cheap Gouache and this is my first time trying it!
Aliens and Fancy Basements!

A few weeks ago Lance Bangs came to Allston (Rat/Rock City) to film a segment for his show on – If you haven’t checked out Vice’s then get on it! They are doing some great things…In particular the Epicly Later’d show is SOLID, Vice Travel Guide is insane, and the girls in Shot by Kern…speechless – Below are some photos from Protokoll’s set the night VBS came to town

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Roller Kingdom Photos!

I’ve been working hard, nerding out, enjoying the beautiful weather from my bedroom – windows open, music blasting! I’ve been a flickr member for sometime but i’ve had the weirdest problems with my passwords – So now I have two flickr accounts – I can’t login to my old one so bye bye old account – HELLO new account! Below are photos from Roller Kingdom which went down a few weeks ago – It may take a few seconds to load up – ENJOY!

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