Visual Explosions! Jetty!

I just finished the first Jetty Skateboarding Promo video and I’m very excited to share it with everyone. Tomorrow kicks off our What A Bunch of Hotties Skateboard Tour! Come out and skate with us and get lots of rad free goodies and get siked! ( The video won’t be on the Jetty site until we get back from tour but I’m leaking it right here, right now! Check it out!
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Hawaii! Fun!

Hawaii was a blast! I’ve posted some photos (lots of them) from my trip…Some of the hikes we went on were insane and very far removed from civilization. However, I was quick to mention to my buddy Justin, while standing at the bottom of a 50 foot waterfall in the jungle, that Google has text messaging and we could find out where the closest pizza shop was if we really needed to…Uhhh? Continue reading “Hawaii! Fun!”

New Work SOON!?!

Mayyybe…Wow things are just off the wall! Just got back from Hawaii on Thursday which was amazing then back into full on madness mode. We are just finishing up Visual Explosions, our first Jetty Skateboard Promo which I am really excited about . Everyone came through with killer footage and it is going to come together really nicely. On top of that we leave for skateboard tour next Saturday starting in Boston! Check out the Jetty website for more info and come hang out and skate with us on tour!

Paparazzi in NYC!

I caught a super fun show in Brooklyn last night with Paparazzi, Mics, The Fugue and some band with Dolphins in their name. And in keeping with the theme of this post I snapped pictures too! Only problem is that they are polaroids and I don’t have a scanner available so I guess I’ll just save them for later! Oh yeah, Paparazzi plays NYC again on Monday at the Knitting Factory – Check em out!

Paparazzi – LawlessPaparazzi – Lawless

Dinosaurs, The Sea, and Cake!

I don’t think I’ll ever really be capable of reviewing music, I simply just don’t know enough about it – but I know what sounds good to my ears. This week I picked up Dinosaur Jr’s Beyond, their first release with their original group since Bug in 1988. I will admit I was a little afraid to buy this album…it has just been too long since they have put something out for it to sound like I expect but it has lived up to all expectations and beyond. First exposed to Dinosaur Jr. through skateboard videos in the early 90’s I’ve pretty much been listening ever since and will continue too, especially since I’ve got some new stuff!

Amazingly, “Beyond” picks up where 1988’s “Bug” left off, with only slightly more streamlined polish but with the old love of volume and excess still sweetly intact. – Boston Globe

I also bought the new The Sea and Cake album, Everybody – What a great album for lounging in the springtime, open windows, and a cool breeze. Simple, soothing, and dreamy…

Chin Up Chin Up Animation!

I saw Chin Up Chin Up this past winter at an Allston bar called Great Scott and stumbled upon this video shortly thereafter. I can’t say enough about it – Its so FUN! I re-stumbled upon it because I have it saved in my favorites on YouTube and thought that it was only appropriate to share with those of you who haven’t seen it before…Its only a matter of a few months before T-Shirts look like this music video.
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