My good friend Justin spent a few months last year riding his bicycle across the United States of America. An admirable feat to say the least. He called one afternoon and said he was just 2 days away, which translated to nearly 100 miles of coastal road. I was very excited that he was going to pay me a visit on his “journey of a lifetime”, until I realized that Justin had decided my house would be his final destination and he would be spending an undetermined amount of time on my couch before hopping a train back east. It’s a good thing I like him. Naturally I had to entertain him and show him the sights since he was my guest of honor; and he haaaad just ridden his bicycle across the United States of America, to spend time with me?). Here is Justin in Seal Beach, California showing off his muscles tanlines. Proof he had at least spent a lot of time wearing a skin-tight lycra cycling shirt and his favorite biking sandals.

Justin Madaj in Seal Beach with Tan Lines

Seal Beach Stick & Poke







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