ZINE TIME: Philadelphia Restrooms

Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair took place last weekend at the Geffen Contemporary. I finally put finishing touches on and printed a project that has long sat dormant on a hard drive…Nice to bring old projects to life! Thanks to Scott Massey / RRR for allowing me to be a part of their table and sell a few copies!

If you’d like to pick up a remaining copy from the edition of 20 shoot me an e-mail and we can strike a deal!







3 responses to “ZINE TIME: Philadelphia Restrooms”

  1. […] of this writing, Philly expat artist Nick Zegel is sitting on 20 copies of Philadelphia Restrooms, which is a one-time-only zine (about Philadelphia restrooms, duy) that he whipped up for Printed […]

  2. Mike Avatar

    1. Where’s the zine.
    2. Gimme the zine.

  3. Michael Penn Avatar

    Send me the info

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