My Friends x SXSW

SXSW Interactive & Film are just about wrapping up and musicians from around the globe are dragging their guitar cases and stage egos into Austin, Texas this week. I’ve enjoyed following quite a number of Twitter friends this past week, all of whom have been traipsing around Austin attending countless panel discussions, film screenings, conversations, happy hours & parties (All part of the interactive/film sectors of SXSW) ! Its actually been an exhausting task to try and keep up with their hourly (sometimes more frequently) tweets which included brilliant quotes, drunken rants, photos & over heard conversations…Truly entertaining in the strangest way. I wish I would have been there! At any rate…while most of the film and tech geeks recharge their phones, pack their luggage & find their way home, the indie kids are just getting ready to light fire to Austin…or so I’ve heard…A number of friends will be playing this week so if you happen to be in Texas or are just looking for some new music, please check them out!

Magic Magic
Pretty & Nice
Shunda K
DJ Orion
Sean Bones
DJ Count Rockula & DJ Cassette







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