The Good Old Radio! WERS!

WERS 88.9 Boston

It’s special when you find a gem lodged in the hard, cold dirt of an empty abandoned field littered with chunks of cement and weeds. This was the case four years ago when I discovered Emerson’s commercial free, listener supported radio station WERS 88.9FM. During my time in Boston WERS became a staple in my daily listening habits. I found it funny that as my collection of digital music grew upwards of 16,000 songs I still wanted to listen to the radio! Wasn’t the radio supposed to be dead?! WERS, the self proclaimed “Music for the independent mind”, always delivers with spectacular daytime programming and programs like Rockers, 88.9 @ Night, and The Secret Spot. In addition to their great programming WERS offers an on-air concert calendar of local events and killer in studio performances with some of todays and tomorrows best acts! Speaking of which…my best buddies You can be a Wesley will be performing in studio this Friday at NOON! If you are new to WERS or this is all old news make sure you tune in for a great little lunch time indie pop party with YCBAW! Don’t worry, if you aren’t in Boston you can listen online! Listen online RIGHT NOW!







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