Space1026, Fancy!

If you keep your eyes and ears opened to contemporary art happenings in this country chances are you’ve heard of Space1026. I’ve known of the collaborative studio/gallery space for some time now and seeing that I’ve lurked just outside of Philly for years there is no reason for me to have never checked it out! Well I noticed that artist Brian Willmont was having a solo show there and made a point of getting over there! I know Brian’s work from Apenest, a rad annual publication which Brian and Cody Hoyt put together…I’d drop some more links and names but I don’t want to go overboard so just check it all out and find some energy and inspiration!

Brian Willmont at Space1026






One response to “Space1026, Fancy!”

  1. Cardona Avatar

    Hey Nick,

    This piece reminds me a lot of your installation work up at B.U. for some reason. I’m trying to figure out what’s that blue thing slipping into the vortex on the right side though?

    Think about what I said to you today about exhibiting. peace.

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