Cut & Paste was an amazing experience. Thank you to all of my friends who came out to show the support. Also thanks to the great artists I was privileged to share the stage with and everyone behind the scenes, especially Licsi & John, for making this event happen! Boston was the first of 11 Cut & Paste events worldwide this year, so check out the upcoming dates for a Cut & Paste in your city!

Check out Boston Cut & Paste Results

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  1. congratulations nick for the audience prize! you did an amazing job..very impressive…the gypsy in me sees unlimited possibilities for your creative brilliance…haha, i really mean it. keep it up! licsi

  2. today some one who had seen the boston webcast said you were his favorite. respect!! great job last weekend, hope you come out for nyc, if not, wish you all tha besssst.

    xo, j.

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