Dinosaurs, The Sea, and Cake!

I don’t think I’ll ever really be capable of reviewing music, I simply just don’t know enough about it – but I know what sounds good to my ears. This week I picked up Dinosaur Jr’s Beyond, their first release with their original group since Bug in 1988. I will admit I was a little afraid to buy this album…it has just been too long since they have put something out for it to sound like I expect but it has lived up to all expectations and beyond. First exposed to Dinosaur Jr. through skateboard videos in the early 90’s I’ve pretty much been listening ever since and will continue too, especially since I’ve got some new stuff!

Amazingly, “Beyond” picks up where 1988’s “Bug” left off, with only slightly more streamlined polish but with the old love of volume and excess still sweetly intact. – Boston Globe

I also bought the new The Sea and Cake album, Everybody – What a great album for lounging in the springtime, open windows, and a cool breeze. Simple, soothing, and dreamy…






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