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Nick Zegel is a designer currently living in Long Beach, CA via Philadelphia, PA. This blog serves as a playground for original work, photographs, ideas, doodling and inspiration.

Ty Dug and Madness!

Holy cow! Life is great. People make it great! A few weeks ago I spent the day with Ty Williams and Dug Desjardin. I met up with them at Grain Surfboards in Maine. From there we cruised to Portland to a new surf art boutique called Corduroy. After hanging out for a bit we headed back to York and paddled out. It was my first chance to surf a Grain Surfboard and damn was it fun. Carrying that big wooden stick down to the beach wasn’t easy but once it was on top of the water it was surely worth it! I grabbed this photo of Dug and his car off of Ty’s flickr page. Check out both of their art work at Ty Paints!

R.I.P. Mr. Butch

For those of you who don’t know Butch, he was an icon in and outside of Boston, MA for at least the past twenty years, spending most of him time on the streets. Sadly, Mr. Butch passed away early yesterday following an accident while riding his new red Vespa. Last time I saw Butch he was sitting on his new ride on Harvard Ave. enjoying an afternoon PBR Tall Boy. He told me he had just bought the Vespa a few weeks earlier after working the streets for seven months. I remember a local friend passing by and reminding Butch not to drive his red beauty unless he had not been drinking. Most of my close friends know that I was always a fan of Mr. Butch (Mayor of Allston).

Mr. Butch

Visual Explosions! Jetty!

I just finished the first Jetty Skateboarding Promo video and I’m very excited to share it with everyone. Tomorrow kicks off our What A Bunch of Hotties Skateboard Tour! Come out and skate with us and get lots of rad free goodies and get siked! ( The video won’t be on the Jetty site until we get back from tour but I’m leaking it right here, right now! Check it out!

Hawaii! Fun!

Hawaii was a blast! I’ve posted some photos (lots of them) from my trip…Some of the hikes we went on were insane and very far removed from civilization. However, I was quick to mention to my buddy Justin, while standing at the bottom of a 50 foot waterfall in the jungle, that Google has text messaging and we could find out where the closest pizza shop was if we really needed to…Uhhh? (more…)

New Work SOON!?!

Mayyybe…Wow things are just off the wall! Just got back from Hawaii on Thursday which was amazing then back into full on madness mode. We are just finishing up Visual Explosions, our first Jetty Skateboard Promo which I am really excited about . Everyone came through with killer footage and it is going to come together really nicely. On top of that we leave for skateboard tour next Saturday starting in Boston! Check out the Jetty website for more info and come hang out and skate with us on tour!