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Nick Zegel is a designer currently living in Long Beach, CA via Philadelphia, PA. This blog serves as a playground for original work, photographs, ideas, doodling and inspiration.

Urban Outfitters Photo Diary

Urban Outfitters recently invited me to curate a selection of 35mm photos from my time in the Los Angeles area. Most images were shot on my long lost Yashica T4 and Olympus Stylus Epic. Along side the images are some questions about life and photography. Have a look and/or a read!

A Birthday in the Eastern Sierras

My best bud Dan gathered his crew for a birthday weekend in the Eastern Sierras. We picked up some fast shades at the gas station, put on our alter-egos and goofed it up. A fun weekend amongst the mountains and the dirt. Shot and edited on iPhone.

A visit with Sage Vaughn for (CHOCOLATE)RED

I recently had the opportunity to visit Sage Vaughn at his Pasadena studio to chat about skateboarding, his work and what it means to give back. Have a look at the video I shot and cut along with some photos I snapped below. Check out his beautiful Chocolate(RED) board and pick one up to support (RED) in their quest to end AIDS.

SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-001 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-003 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-005 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-006 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-011 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-012 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-013 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-008 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-015 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-017 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-023 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-021

Longboarding at the Cliffs

Conversations with Myself

The photograph below was taken last Summer. It captures what I believe to be three generations (I’m telling you but I’m also showing you because I am not certain)…The New Yorker cover is what I believe to be three generations. I’m more sure of the cartoon than I am of my own photograph.

NickZegel-ThreesCompany-34040002 NewYorker-2014_08_25-800