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Nick Zegel is a designer currently living in Long Beach, CA via Philadelphia, PA. This blog serves as a playground for original work, photographs, ideas, doodling and inspiration.

Crailtap’s Annual Softball Tournament

The match ups may not have been “fair” but neither is life. Balls were dropped, skin was lost and real jocks revealed at this years Crailtap Softball Tournament. Everyone gave it their all in an effort to claim the title and in the end a champion was crowned in unbelievable fashion…Congrats goes to the Big Schlaussages’ for taking home the big win.

NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60530001-edit NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60540028NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60530002 NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60530013 NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60540009 NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60530017 NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60530018 NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60540012NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60530025-edit NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60530032-edit NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60530028 NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60540027NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60530029 NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60540022NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60530033 NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60540030NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60530035 NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60540024NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60530036-edit NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60540001 NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60530007NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60540005-edit NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60530003 NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60540006 NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60530012 NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60540014 NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60530021 NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60540031 NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60530026 NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60540034 NickZegel_Crailtap-Softball-2015-60530009

Hang Ten at Good Eye Gallery

I’m excited to be apart of a group show this upcoming Saturday, July 11th in the Eagle Rock neighbor of Los Angeles. Join us from 6-9PM at Good Eye Gallery, 4538 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041. See you there!

Goodeyegallery-HangTen-Flyer Nick Zegel Good Eye Gallery Work in Progress

Stargazer – A Short Film by Nick Zegel

It’s piling up…disregarded digital waste. Hard drives full of captured data locked up like a serial killer in a maximum security prison. Each captured moment provokes a moment of anxiety. A fear of never reliving that moment; or worse yet, never sharing these captured moments with a world that could care or care less. What once was a vision, an inspired moment, now an exercise of anxiety relief. It feels good to finish, no matter the result. Finality in one hand is a reason to start something new in another. A reason to breath easy, stare at the ceiling and imagine the millions of stars to wish upon for the next inspired moment.

Captured in 2012 and released in 2015…a day down by the tide pools with my good buddy Fritz.

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Oakley In-Residence with the Art Dump

Back in April Oakley hosted their In-Residence Studio on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles. The Art Dump was asked to co-curate the space and put together an exhibition for opening night. I’m super excited to have been a part of this event along side of some really talented friends and colleagues! Below are some flicks and a nice wrap up video from the event…A detailed look at the work can be found at

Oakley+Residence+Los+Angeles+oylJu-DRKc2x Oakley+Residence+Los+Angeles+zGZ9jANLM_1x Oakley+Residence+Los+Angeles+RG9rp4Xa1Mnx Oakley+Residence+Los+Angeles+gi3eUGiX8MUx ArtDump_ZineWorkshop_Mueller_IMG_9769 Oakley+Residence+Los+Angeles+h6SNFkFUUnax