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Visual Explosions! Jetty!

I just finished the first Jetty Skateboarding Promo video and I’m very excited to share it with everyone. Tomorrow kicks off our What A Bunch of Hotties Skateboard Tour! Come out and skate with us and get lots of rad free goodies and get siked! ( The video won’t be on the Jetty site until… Read more »

Thats all folks!

My final art show was great, everyone came out, and what a night it was! Below is a photograph and if you haven’t checked the splash page go take a look. There is video of my piece. The original installation played to a 13 song soundtrack with Blacklights, Strobes, and Colored lightbulbs…OH MY!

Spring Skateboarding!

I finally got outside and went skating! Its been sooo long. Fritz and I went filming at C-Pool and around Brookline working to get footage for the upcoming Jetty Promo – Check out some video