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Snow Fun!

Due to injury snowboard season wasn’t quite what I wanted it to be, however I did squeeze in a few FUN days on the mountain! Until next year…

So Me…So Good

So Me, the artist who did Justice’s Grammy winning D.A.N.C.E. video done did it again. This time the motion graphics and retro mash-up typography jive to Justice “DVNO”. Somehow So Me has found a perfect balance between cheese-ball pre-set effects and genuinely crafted retro-ish motion graphics. I can’t get enough of the amazing transitions throughout… Read more »

Pushin’ Wood

Good times in Philadelphia pushin’ wood with Jon Morken & Brian Parnagian!

Puerto Rico!

Spending time with good friends in Aguadilla, PR…skateboarding, getting wet, painting, and kickin’ around…


Over 4 years ago I met a kid named Kyle. He lived in a place in Allston, which I eventually ended up living in two years later. At any rate, I met Kyle because we would go to his place to PaRtY! The interesting thing was that it was usually his roommates throwing the parties,… Read more »