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Concrete Dreams in Colorado

A weekend in Colorado this past summer…with skateboards, friends, a mini van & a couple beers…


Photos from the premiere of Frequencies, video project from Kassia Meador, Sonny Miller & Bruce Muller. Check out a piece of the Frequencies project…

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

I came across some old photos of some painting I did on the side of my buddy Aron’s ramp down in Puerto Rico from 2009 I believe…Wolfmans’ Paradise as it’s now known…

The Pink Motel

Late last month the crew from Long Beach jumped into the van for the 4th annual Camtest at the Pink Motel…An epic day of skateboarding and music at the pool of Animal Chin legend. One to remember!

Homie Hype! Fritz Mead & Xeno Tsarnas

Fritz & Xeno have always been on move and its never been more true! Above Fritz finds his way back into the pages of Thrasher with this burly down-flat-down. Its always fun watching friends find success! Lets hope for a lot more in 2012! (photos by Xeno Tsarnas)