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Hawaii! Fun!

Hawaii was a blast! I’ve posted some photos (lots of them) from my trip…Some of the hikes we went on were insane and very far removed from civilization. However, I was quick to mention to my buddy Justin, while standing at the bottom of a 50 foot waterfall in the jungle, that Google has text… Read more » and Fancy Basements!

A few weeks ago Lance Bangs came to Allston (Rat/Rock City) to film a segment for his show on – If you haven’t checked out Vice’s then get on it! They are doing some great things…In particular the Epicly Later’d show is SOLID, Vice Travel Guide is insane, and the girls in Shot… Read more »

Roller Kingdom Photos!

I’ve been working hard, nerding out, enjoying the beautiful weather from my bedroom – windows open, music blasting! I’ve been a flickr member for sometime but i’ve had the weirdest problems with my passwords – So now I have two flickr accounts – I can’t login to my old one so bye bye old account… Read more »

The Happening Photos!

I was in NYC this past weekend for The Happening Live. On Thursday there was a preview opening and then I hung around the city for the big event on Friday. I was super siked on the photography of Joe Curren, the artwork of my friend Julie Goldstein, as well as the Michael Leon print… Read more »