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I’m From Barcelona! No You’re Not!

Last Thursday I witnessed a show that easily jumps into my top 5 live performances list! For those of you not in the know, ‘I’m From Barcelona’, is an indie-pop group from Sweden with a lot of members. 29 to be exact!. They play music that is so happy it makes you want to cry… Read more »

The Royal Portrait

Portrait photography has been around since the invention and popularization of the camera. It is a cheaper and often more accessible method than portrait painting, which had been used by distinguished figures before the popularity of the camera. – Wikipedia Over time and after the invention of the polaroid (RIP…for the time being) portraits became… Read more »


Just got home from two weeks on the road. Its great to be able to remove yourself from your normal environment and make things happen. So many great stories! I tried to keep up photo-blogging from my phone so here are some pictures…And oh yes…better photos and a PROPER update are much in order…so i’ll… Read more »

Las Vegas! Uhhh?

I just got back from Vegas! I was out there for the Magic Fashion & Apparel Trade Show. Non-stop three days of looking, thinking, talking, walking, with some gambling, eating, and drinking on top. The last night of the trip didn’t end until I boarded a plane headed east. Special thanks to Shawn at the… Read more »