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Roller Kingdom 2009!

It’s been just about two years since I finished school at Boston University and yet I still find myself making an annual trip back to the Bay State for this little party called Roller Kingdom Kegger. What started as a friends WILD idea sophomore year has since spiraled into an out of control weekend that… Read more »

Fresh perspectives always welcome

Branislav Kropilak’s photographs of billboards are stunning, obvious and abstract. Kropilak has managed to take one of the ugliest fixtures in the modern world and make it desirable and mysterious. His photographs of trains are also beautiful and make me wonder why the heck I’ve never seen such cool trains! via todayandtomorrow

Film Ain’t Dead!

I just picked up about 14 rolls of film that I shot on my backpacking adventure through Australia, New Zealand & Samoa. I’ve posted some of the better shots in three separate galleries in the Portfolio section of the site! If you’d like to see them all you can visit my FLICKR! Despite all the… Read more »

Hamburger Eyes!

You’re probably thinking “What the hell is Hamburger Eyes?” I thought the same thing when I first heard the name a couple of years back. In short Hamburger Eyes is a black & white zine out of San Francisco, CA. I’ve only seen a couple of issues in person but between my real life encounters… Read more »

Library of Congress Flickr

The Library of Congress joined flickr this year and has been posting photos on the regular. The photographs are wonderful for their content, but also because they are public-domain & copyright-free. Every designers dream! I really should keep this as quiet as possible but I’m not selfish! I love seeing old establishments embrace technology &… Read more »