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Conversations with Myself

The photograph below was taken last Summer. It captures what I believe to be three generations (I’m telling you but I’m also showing you because I am not certain)…The New Yorker cover is what I believe to be three generations. I’m more sure of the cartoon than I am of my own photograph.

Spaghetti & Confetti – A Short Film by Nick Zegel

I’m proud to share a short film that I wrote and directed called Spaghetti & Confetti! Have a look below! [iframe id=””] Below are some photos from the afternoon of shooting snapped by the lovely Danny Corey… Special thanks to Lena, Eldrich, Dan, Danny, Heather, Justin & Francellis!

#S#W#A#G in a Marvel Comic Book!?

It appears the SWAG Logo has continued to travel into the universe on a journey of its own…this time my good pal Ty points out that the graphic was replicated in a COMICBOOK! After some Googlin’ it seems as though the comic is called Gambit and will be available on August 29th 2012 in a… Read more »