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Nick Zegel is a designer currently living in Long Beach, CA via Philadelphia, PA. This blog serves as a playground for original work, photographs, ideas, doodling and inspiration.

A visit with Sage Vaughn for (CHOCOLATE)RED

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I recently had the opportunity to visit Sage Vaughn at his Pasadena studio to chat about skateboarding, his work and what it means to give back. Have a look at the video I shot and cut along with some photos I snapped below. Check out his beautiful Chocolate(RED) board and pick one up to support (RED) in their quest to end AIDS.

SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-001 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-003 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-005 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-006 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-011 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-012 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-013 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-008 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-015 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-017 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-023 SageVaughn_Chocolate_RED-021

Conversations with Myself

The photograph below was taken last Summer. It captures what I believe to be three generations (I’m telling you but I’m also showing you because I am not certain)…The New Yorker cover is what I believe to be three generations. I’m more sure of the cartoon than I am of my own photograph.

NickZegel-ThreesCompany-34040002 NewYorker-2014_08_25-800